I Love Dick av Chris Kraus

I Love DickNummer: 6941
Titel: I Love Dick
Författare: Chris Kraus
Förlag: Serpent’s tail
Utgivningsår: 1997/2016
ISBN: 978-1-78125-648-0
Betyg: 4 av 5

Bokens första mening:
Chris Kraus, a 39-year-old experimental filmmaker and Sylvère Lotringer, a 56-year-old college professor från New York, have dinner with Dick ____, a friendly acquaintance of Sylvère’s, at a sushi bar in Pasadena.

Om boken:
When Chris Kraus, an unsuccessful artist pushing 40, spends an evening with a rogue academic named Dick, she falls madly and inexplicably in love, enlisting her husband in her haunted pursuit. Dick proposes a kind of game between them, but when he fails to answer their letters Chris continues alone, transforming an adolescent infatuation into a new form of philosophy.

Min åsikt:
Stark, underhållande & fantastisk!!!

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