The Ostrich of Pudding Lane av Jeremy Strong

Nummer: 9092
Titel: The Ostrich of Pudding Lane
Författare: Jeremy Strong
Förlag: Onkers
Utgivningsår: 2016
ISBN: 978-1-78112-552-6
Betyg: 3 av 5

Bokens första mening:
The note in Ross’s bag was short and simple.

Om boken:
Welcome to Pudding Lane primary school.
Pudding Lane is home to the world’s craziest School mascot. She’s a BIG trouble-maker. She likes…
– Eating pencils.
– Swallowing phones.
– Peeking teachers on the bottom.

But all the kids and teachers at Pudding Lane LOVE their crazy ostrich— and they think you will too.

Min åsikt:
Fin, gripande & rolig!

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