Smoking Poppy av Graham Joyce

Smoking PoppyNummer: 5112
Titel: Smoking Poppy
Författare: Graham Joyce
Förlag: Gollancz
Utgivningsår: 2001
3 av 5

Bokens första mening:
Oh that Charlie of mine, how I wanted her back.

Om boken:
Danny is approaching fifty, separated, lonely and bitter. He hasn’t spoken to his wife in years; he despises his born-again son and is alienated from Charlie, his twenty-two-year-old daughter. But his alienation is forgotten when he learns that she has been arrested in Thailand for smuggling heroin. He flies out to Bangkok and discovers that the girl being held in Chiang-Mai prison is not Charlie. What follows is a desperate journey into the remote hinterlands of Thailand, where the jungles are ruled by drug gangs and haunted by the spirits. And dogging Danny s every step is a spectral figure, half glimpsed from the corner of his eye, brushing his sleeve in empty temples . . .

Min åsikt:
Bra & spännande.

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