Earth Girl av Janet Edwards

Earth GirlNummer: 5189
Titel: Earth Girl
Författare: Janet Edwards
Förlag: Harper Voyager
Utgivningsår: 2012
2 av 5

Bokens första mening:
It was on Wallam-Crane day that I was decided what I was going to do for my degree corse Foundation year.

Om boken:
In the far future, the universe is divided into two different groups: hte Norms, who can portal between planets, and people like Jarra, the one in a thousand born with an immune system that doesn´t allow them to survive anuwhere but Earth.

Norms come back to Earth for one reason: to study human history – like the ruins of what was once New York City. But only if they don´t have to interact with any Apes along the way. 18-year-old Jarra has a plan to change that.

Min åsikt:
Ok & spännande.

Köp boken:
Boken finns bland annat här Bokus, Adlibris, Glansholms & Cdon.

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