The Hidden Enemy av Zack Satriani

The Hidden EnemyNummer: 5295
Titel: The Hidden Enemy
Författare: Zack Satriani
Förlag: Hodder Children’s Bookks
Utgivningsår: 2012
1 av 5

Bokens första mening:
The rock drifted silently through space.

Om boken:
When insectoid aliens attack, three kids from different planets must work together to save their universe. Dray is a born warrior who kicks major butt, but her father dismisses her because she’s a girl. Keller can hack any computer and pilot any spaceship but his smart mouth gets him into trouble, especially with Dray. Ayl has only known the safety and harmony of his underwater world and is in for a rude awakening when he ends up with a kinetic shotgun in his hand, facing down a hive-mind insectoid alien that wants to eat him.

Min åsikt:
Riktigt tråkig!

Köp boken:
Boken finns bland annat här Bokus, Adlibris & Cdon.

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