The Black Dragon av Julian Sedgwick

The Black DragonNummer: 6943
Titel: The Black Dragon
Författare: Julian Sedgwick
Förlag: Hatchette Children’s books
Utgivningsår: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-444-91370-5
Betyg: 3 av 5

Bokens första mening:
Danny Woo opens his eyes.

Om boken:
East meets West; past meets present; criminal minds meet skilled artists – welcome to the Mysterium, a circus with dark and thrilling secrets at its heart. Twelve-year-old Danny Woo is half-Chinese, half-British. His parents are performers in the Mysterium. Following their death in a mysterious fire, Danny is sent to live with his aunt Laura, an investigative journalist. When Danny’s school is closed after an explosion, he joins Laura on a trip to Hong Kong. She is researching the Triad gangs; he is trying to understand more about his cultural background. But Laura disappears, and Danny is plunged into a dangerous quest to find her – which opens the door on the past he could never have imagined, and which leads him to question everything he has ever known about his past.

The Black Dragon is the first book in Mysterium.

Min åsikt:
Spännande & fängslande!!!

Köp boken:
Boken finns bland annat här Bokus, Adlibris & Cdon.

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